Focused Fashion is dedicated to helping you create a look that will leave a lasting impression wherever you go. We offer services that are the following but are not limited to:


*Music Videos

*Photo Shoots


*Tv & Production

*Fashion Shows

*Magazine Styling

**Pricing for services available upon request**


*Fashion Styling


*Make-Up Application and Lessons

*In-House Wardrobe Assessments

*Email Consultation: Email Focused Fashion with your styling needs and questions.

*Photo Reminder: Photograph your look for a reference for different looks.

*Hair & Beauty Advice


Do you have an event but can't choose an outfit? Or do you just want to try a new look? Well let us focus your fashion! We provide services that will help you to look your very best for every occasion. What we choose for you will create look that will leave a lasting impression where ever go.

2. PERSONAL SHOPPING: Does shopping give you a headache? Do department stores overwhelm you with so many choices? No worries! Focused Fashion is here to help you focus your fashion! We will compile a list of your needs along with your budget and shop according to your preferences. We will help you build a very stylish wardrobe with investment pieces that will enhance your look.

3.MAKE-OVERS: Are you tired of the look you have? Do you want a change in clothing but don't know where to start? Let us give you a style over haul! From head to toe you will have a complete transformation. Starting with your clothing, followed by skincare and make-up, topped off with the perfect hairstyle to compliment your entire look.


Not sure what to do with your make-up? Have a hard time choosing what colors compliment your skin tone or what beauty products to purchase? Let Focused Fashion's make-up professionals help you! From showing you basic ways to do your make-up, to doing your make-up for an event or special occasion, we will be sure to make you fabulous for any appearance you have.

5. IN-HOUSE WARDROBE ASSESSMENT: Is your closet full of clothes , but you still can't find what to wear? We organize your clothes by season (Spring/Summer,Fall/Winter) what you can keep, what needs to be altered or tailored, and what needs to be donated or thrown away. We help you discover all the great things you have in your wardrobe that can be paired with other items you have. We also recommend key items that we call investment pieces ( blazer, pair of jeans, great pair of heels) that will help you to have a well cultivated wardrobe.

6. EMAIL CONSULTATION: Recieve a limited time email consultation. Email Focused Fashion with any styling or beauty questions you have. Focused Fashion will respond within 1 business day.



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