We here at Focused Fashion want to inspire you to think outside of the box with your wardrobe. We want you to be free to express yourself! Through your personality you can channel how you feel through what you wear. If you're more conservative, try something more colorful or something with print or pattern. If you are trendy, try something more classy but understated. If you're a minimalist, try something more edgy like a bold scarf or pair of flats with a pattern. Inspiration starts with how you feel, think, and what you are exposed to. Today I dare you to be inspired by art, fashion, culture and lastly YOURSELF!!


Focused Fashion finds inspiration in many things. From art, tv shows, magazines, designers,and traveling but mostly from individuals who aren't afraid to think outside the box with their style. It takes true boldness to be able to dress a certain way, but it really takes not being afraid to be different & embracing who you are. So today we encourage you to dare to be different, you might actually like it!

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